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Witching Hour

The Witching hour is an online gathering of powerful women who are healing the witch wound and stepping into their POWER.We gather in a virtual circle once a week to cast spells, perform rituals, tarot readings, and MORE, continue for more information and to join the circle.


Witching Hour

Each week we talk about astrology, mundane magic and have opportunities for group discussion. In addition to the live circle, each week there is an at home assignment. If you have been looking for a safe space to develop your craft and would like a support group to do so, look no further, I am thrilled to welcome you home, into the witching hour community. 


This group has a very active Instagram community chat, where members of the circle or "sisters" as well call them communicate daily with each other, Encouraging, inspiring and supporting each other. I LOVE this program so much and it is such a joy watching our circle grow, empowering women just like you, to wield their innate magical abilities in new and more powerful ways.

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