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11 Ways to RAISE Your Vibration

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Have you recently had a spiritual awakening? Feeling your consciousness expanding? Heard the term "raise your vibration" but do not know how to do that?? I feel you, at the start of my spiritual journey I felt the same way. Being raised in a materialist capitalist society I was craving more tangible tools and practices than just meditating that I could incorporate into my daily life to "raise my vibration"... Which is why I have compiled these ten practices listed for you below! You can choose how you incorporate the tools and practices that resonate with you into your daily life (as desired/required) to raise your vibration. Everything is energy, and energy is always in motion. However raising your vibration does not mean speeding up as it may initially seem, rather adversely when we slow down and become more consciously aware in each present moment we aline with our internal natural rhyme and rhythm, raising our vibe!

1) Smudge: Try sage, palo santo, incenses or a selenite wand to please your aura (energy field around the body). Sacred smoke rituals have a very grounding effect. Being mindful where you get your tools is important because everything from harvest to sale becomes embedded into the energy of the tool.

2) Candles: Artificial light messes with our eyes

and bodies in a number of ways. Doing any of

the actives on this list below for example

meditating, yoga, or bathing in candle light is a

beautiful, relaxing way to provide light. Another

exercise is to use the flame of a candle or a fire

as the focal point for your meditation. Allow your

gaze to go soft, what do you see in the fire?

3) Read: You have free will and can do as you please however if you are looking to raise your vibration from reading the book you choose is important. Below is my favorite book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It was life changing for me. If you have not read it yet, you can order it by clicking the image below. Being less stimulated is helpful to raise our vibration. for example reading is less stimulating than watching TV.

4) Water: Our bodies are made mostly of water. It is the most important element for our survival as a species on this planet. Therefore this element is crucial for our physical, internal and spiritual purification and cleansing. To honour the physical take a shower or a bath and enjoy the feeling of being in the water. To honour the internal drink lots of clean water daily. The neat part is you can honour the spiritual in either of these practices; when taking a shower imagine the water washing away any energy that no longer serves you, repeat a mantra in your mind and notice how much lighter you

feel after you get out of the water. When drinking water take a few minutes before you drink it to infuse the water with love and set the intention that the water will nourish and cleanse your entire body. Another fun water actives if you have the space available for it is floating (in the ocean, in a pool, lake, hot tub, kitty pool whatever you can make work). Life fire, a body of water, waterfall or stream are all perfect spots to enjoy time in meditation.

5) Meditate & Affirmations & Hypnosis & Mantras & Prayer: If you are someone like me who is prone to anxiety and depression I hope that you will find this section as helpful as I have. All these tools deal with the upper charkas and can be helpful for anyone who struggle with their mental health. There are many ways to meditate however two of my favorite methods are 1. Free guided meditations on youtube Try: 2. Release/Emptying technique: where you focus on letting go of attachment to the mind, even if there are thoughts that wander by you do not associate with them or play into their fantasies. There is a physical sensation accompanied by this form of meditation, surrender, release practice; it may feels like you are falling within your own body or floating your consciousness through out your body.

I find hypnosis like next level meditation, in the past I found one like this: a super big help to fall asleep. Try listening to morning affirmations first thing to program your mind for success for the day, for example listen to: Mantras are next next affirmations that works with vibration and sound healing. The state of prayer like gratitude raises your vibration, being thankful for what you have brings you into alignment with love (the highest frequency there is).

6) Move: Get your body moving! It does not have to be a crazy workout simply going for a walk, doing some yin yoga poses or dancing in your kitchen counts! However you could also go for a run, swim, hike or play organized sports. Move in a way that feels good for your body. Also if you have a desk job that requires a lot of sitting become mindful of your posture and think about aligning your charkas so that energy can flow.

7) Eat High Vibration Food: Food that has more life force energy is FRESH. Try getting fresh organic produce from your locals farmers market. Or even growing it yourself! The less steps from farm to table the better! Food is fuel. Focus on including more whole, plant based food into your meals. Also praying or infusing your food with love is a beautiful and beneficial habit to form. Durning those times when you are not cooking for yourself you can send love to the person who is making the food by sending out an intention/prayer (this works even if you do not know who will be making the food). By praying for this person it has a ripple effect, it positively affects them and in turn embeds that energy into your food. Conscious eating also raises you vibe. This means no phone, TV, work or other distractions while you are eating. Chew every piece of your food, enjoy the taste and texture.

8) Get Outside: Nature vibrates at a higher frequency. Get some fresh air and enjoy the beauty of the world around you. Walk BAREFOOT on the earth. From reflexology we know there are many nerve endings in our feet, therefore when we walk with our feet bare on the Earth is it super beneficial for grounding many parts of the body.

Take it a step further and garden or enjoy the company of house plants. Another option is to use crystals or rocks as a tool for meditation and deepening your connect with this planet. Each rock has a different vibe. Close your eyes, breath and tune in.

9) Sea Salt :

According to google "salt absorbs water moisture because it is an ionic compound with strong attractive forces for the highly polar water molecules. This property means that salt is hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs both liquid water and water vapor in the air." By this logic when you put salt on your body it will absorb the energy clinging to you but no longer serves you. The salt along with the water and energy it absorbed will be washed away.

Try using RAW ROCK SEA SALT in your bath or shower to raise you vibration. If you are using it in the bath you should feel more buoyant and if you are using sea salt in your shower you will feel the the energy being draw out and lighter after your shower. If you are using salt in your shower mix it with your body wash and allow the salt to sit on the skin for at least three minutes before you wash it off in the water.

10) Laugh & Smile: One of the fastest and easiest way to raise your vibration is to smile or laugh. Even if you don't feel like smiling forcing yourself to smile is a start and will release feel good chemicals in the brain, fake it till you make it! If its an option call someone (a relative or friend) and talk about something you both enjoy and find funny. If you don't feel there is anyone you can call thats ok, try watching a show or YouTuber you find funny.

Honour your emotions. Sometimes we need a good cry and thats ok, once we cry it out we can have a good laugh - thats life!

Fun fact: simply seeing someone else smiling releases feel good chemicals in your brain! So when you smile at someone else it make both you and them feel good. :)

11) High Vibrational Music : Not just any music... listening to high vibrational music will assist you to feel more grounded, safe, and peaceful. Listening to trap rap with loud banging lyrics will not serve to raise your vibration (this is not to say you shouldn't listen to trap music ever-keep turning up or pump yourself up for your sport games, however if you are trying to achieve a higher vibrational state this type of music will not help you for this purpose).

Instead try slowing down and listening to 963 Hz, 528 Hz, 432 Hz, these frequencies which will greatly assist in increasing the vibratory rate of your consciousness. As your consciousness becomes more self-aware, the amount of energy available (vibration) also increases. A few other good options are whale noises, enchanted forest music, or classical music. Try to avoid lyrics. Also avoid using headphone in public as it takes out of the present.

One time I read a sign that said "find your tribe" meaning find your soul family or those people who are right for your life. What I like to say is "raise your vibe, attract your tribe", because by focusing on your own inner work your "tribe" "soul family" or friends will be magnetically draw to you. Focus on yourself and the universe will handle the rest. You got this! I really hope that you found these 11 tool/practices helpful!! Sending you love & light.

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