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5 Ways Reiki Can Change Your Life (5 Reiki Principles)

Kanji for Reiki

Reiki is more than a holistic healing modality, it is a system of enlightenment. The word Reiki can be broken up into two Japanese Kanji (symbols) Rei meaning Spirit and Ki meaning Life Force Energy. Commonly translated as Spiritually guided life force energy.

There are 5 principles that are meant to guide our daily decision making. By following these 5 Reiki principles your life will certainly change for the better and you will feel in alignment with universal flow. These principles are not rules, which are meant to be broken but rather like universal laws which describe the nature of our reality. By living in accordance with these 5 Reiki principles we connect body, mind and soul.

So what are the Reiki principles? and how can they change YOUR life?

Below the 5 principles are listed along with a brief description about how to apply each principle in daily life.

1. Do Not Worry : Free yourself from worry! Imagine how much mental space you would have if you released all your worries. Whenever you catch yourself getting on a train of thought to worry station, take a step back onto the platform, into the observer/witness of the mind. Try to allow your thoughts to run by like the train without following them down the rabbit hole into worry, panic or despair. When you notice worry coming up do what you can in the moment to take action or let those worries go as they are just a waste of precious mental real-estate. "Worry is simply a waste of imagination" -Dan Zadra

2. Do Not be Angry : It is not a matter of never FEELING anger, this principle is about consciously choosing to release any anger that does arise when you notice it comes up. The same way you can not see clearly though a pot of boiling water, when you are boiling mad you also can not see clearly. The next time you notice anger starting to boil up in your being notice if you can choose to release, rather than feed the flames of your frustration. Also do not shame or beat yourself up when you feel anger arise...rather view it as an opportunity or invitation to allow that energy to flow through you rather then holding onto it and identifying with it. Learning tools and techniques for grounding facilitates emotional control and intelligence. This is a powerful way Reiki will change your life.

3. Be Grateful

Having an attitude of gratitude is always the best approach. Even in trying times, shifting to thoughts of what you HAVE rather than DO NOT HAVE raises your vibrational frequency (and you do not need to be attuned to Reiki in order to feel the instant benefits of this practice). When you are vibrating at a higher frequency you will attract more desirable situations and outcomes into your life. Be patient and compassionate with yourself through this process, it is about the journey not being perfect along the way. In fact it makes it more fun that way (when its not perfect) and when you are open and willing to see the gifts and blessing in disguise you will truly embody happiness and peace that will radiate from the inside out. When you receive a Reiki attunement you then hold the capacity to reach even higher states of consciousness. You are never alone. You do not need to feel like you have to do it all yourself, there is help and the universe is just waiting for you to ask.

4. Do Your Work Honestly

It comes down to Karma. What goes around comes around. It is important to not only do your work honestly but to be honest with others and most importantly yourself. The truth can hurt, however that is just a part of the growing pains that come with life. If we are not being honest with ourselves it restricts our growth and ability to thrive! Showing up authentically inspires other to fully embrace their unique talents and attributes. It does not matter if you are getting paid or not, working online or in person, honestly and integrity are crucial values to live a Reiki way of life. Remember the quote "how you do one thing is how you do everything." - Tom Watts

5. Honour Every Living Thing

Treat every living thing with kindness. This includes YOU! Be kind to yourself, others, animals, and your environment. We are all interconnected. By showing kindness to all life on this planet you are also showing love to yourself and god/spirit/universe/whatever resonates with you. Instead of spiders or bugs in your home try bringing them outside.

And those my friends, are the 5 Reiki principles! Now when you find yourself in a real life situation you can apply and practice these simple principles. Reiki practitioners and Masters reflect upon these 5 guiding pillars each morning and evening durning a meditation.

Remembering the Reiki Principles

If you have a hard time remembering these 5 principles a good way to remember them is by taking the screenshot of the image below and using it as your phone screensaver.

Leave any questions you have in the comments below and watch the video for a full recap!

Sending you love and light xo

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