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Affirmations... HOW & WHY they work

disclaimer: Affirmations are not an end all be all. They are a supplementary healing tool, powerfully used in combination with your other health care/self care practices. Affirmations are not effective if you really do not believe what they are saying, if this is the case it is important to address these triggers and integrate what needs to be resolved.

Like meditation, medications, or food-different types will work differently for different people. Try different affirmations tapes (5 different examples linked below) to find what feels right to you!

HOW Affirmations Work

Affirmations are one of my personal favorite methods for subconscious programming. Repetition is key. You will observe this will any good advertising/branding strategy. The product/service/brand is stated numerous times often attached to a melody to engrain the advertisers message in your mind. I had a teacher who always said you need to hear something 8 times to remember it. To give you another example of how important repetition is, beliefs are simply repeated thoughts.

The most powerful statement that you can make is "I am.....(fill in the blank). Whatever you choose to say after that is TRUE. No matter what you say the universe responds by making it true for you. Our words are much much powerful than we typically perceive.

Look at the visual to inspire you with some I am affirmations for today! You got this beautiful being.

WHY Affirmations Work

Affirmations work similar to hypnotic suggestions. As mentioned above all beliefs are just repeated thoughts therefore affirmations are effective because by listening to them enough they become beliefs. You will likely will not notice anything if you do not consistently listen to affirmations. However with regular listening you will notice the affirmations float through your mind as positive self-talk, affirming your worth.

Different Types of Affirmations

Affirmations can serve beneficial in many areas of your life. To achieve best results choose to listen to affirmations are that most relevant to what you are working on/hope to achieve from integrated these beliefs. You can always create your own affirmations, specific to your current situation.

Below are 5 different styles of affirmation tracks for you to try out.

Enjoy these female narrated affirmations, accompanied by calming music and relaxing visuals. These tapes are ideal for promoting total relaxation. Ensuring ease and rest.

This leads me to my next disclaimer! Make sure you are not driving a car or doing anything that requires your full attention while listening to your affirmations. A few examples of good times is first thing in the morning, before bed, or while you are doing household chores.

Looking for a special someone?! Shower yourself in love with the self-love affirmations below. I can report personal powerful results from this specific affirmation tape.

Holding onto shame or guilt is a form of resisting love. To make space for more love to

pour into your life listen to these forgiveness affirmations. By forgiving others we set ourselves free. This track is only 10 minutes, the other four are 25 minutes.

ASMR your thing? Try these affirmations with soft spoken vocals and hypnotizing visuals. Accompanied by calming delta wave meditation music.

Sending you so much love. You got this! Please comment and share this blog post if you enjoyed it.

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