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Top 5 Reasons I NEVER wear a bra

#genderequality #feminism #brafree #freethenipple Yep, its true I ditched the bra life four years ago and have not looked back since. Weather I am at the gym, a friends house, or working I am bra free ALL the time. If this peeks your curiosity (and you are a woman) I gently invite you to try for yourself; take off that bra and let those ladies loose!

DISCLAIMER: if you feel like wearing a bra empowers and comforts you, all the power to you - keep doing what feels best for you! I am simply sharing my personal experience. EVERY-body knows what is best for their own body. LISTIN to your body.

My 5 Reasons


How is not wearing a bra better for you health? Well, not wearing a bra can reduce your risk of break cancer to name just one health benefit. Check out the multiple academic resources in the reference at the bottom of this article. It also increases circulation and develops the chest muscles around and underneath the breast (which are forced to work harder without the support of your bra). I found that wearing bra while running and working out was restricting my air flow and preventing me from breathing deeply resulting in intense and painful side stitches. Once I started running without wearing a (sports or) bra (of any kind) I no longer had this problem with my ribs being compressed preventing me from taking deeper breaths.


Not wearing a bra is hella convenient! Not to mention discrete.. you no longer have to worry about a bra strap sticking out or the colour of your bra showing through your top. It is one less step you have to think about everyday. We have a limited number of hours every day and a limited number of days in our life, why bother wasting any of those precious seconds confining your chest when you could allow yourself to go bra free?!


Bras can be very expensive! Why spend so much money on something that goes underneath your clothes?! That doesn't sounds like a good financial decision, personally I'd rather invest in a nice swim suit (that people will see at the beach) and then if I really needed to I could use the bikini top as a bra (gotta love a good multifuncatiovnal item). Your body and wallet will thank you for going bra free.


Not only is it more comfortable physically, not wearing a bra allows you to become more comfortable and confident with your body naturally. Also not wearing a bra is it a cool ascetic, think Racheal from friends vibe. However I get it, if you are bigger chested it may be more comfortable to have some support, to assist your lower back, do you boo! Experiment to find what is most comfortable for you. Don't worry about what is looks like to other, focus only on what is most comfortable to you. Your comfort will shine though as confidence and inspire other women to go bra free (if they so desire)!


Not wearing a bra is natural and beautiful. Embrace and love your body, as it is.

Normalizing what our natural bodies look like is part of the reason I enjoy going bra free in public! Leave me a comment down below to let me know if you also find it empowering going bra free or if you feel more comfortable and supported wearing a bra. There are no wrong answers/comments, lets start a discussion and get people talking. Everyones experience is valid.

CLARIFICATION: I also want to make the distinction that I think wearing just a sports bra makes it a top. Also I believe lingerie is a separate and distinct category. I consider lingerie a look or even "outfit" (reaching there I know). Because lingerie unlike bras are worn with the intention to be seen (by a special some or even for yourself taking photos). The type of bras I am referring to in this article and video are the everyday, underwire, padded bras intended for daily use.

Watch the video for even more details on this topic!

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