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What Is Your Moon Sign & How To Find It!

To start, what is a moon sign anyway??

Most people think that you have ONLY ONE astrological sign however you really have FOUR:

  1. sun/star sign

  2. moon sign

  3. ascending sign

  4. mid-heaven sign

Your sun sign is the most common known sign. However each of these components plays an important role with regard to the characteristics of each zodiac sign present in your birth chart.In order to find out your signs you will need to know your exact time and place of birth. The more precise the better, this is very important, so if possible give your mom a call and find out the very hour and minute you were born.

What do these 4 signs reveal about you??

Your Moon Sign: is the inner qualities you express in your home life. Your deep needs and desires. It is about your inner world, feelings and emotions.

Your Sun Sign: is the personally you show to the world. How you interact with other in the public domain. The persona you have developed over time that is accepted and kept you safe.

Your Ascendant Sign: represents the initial reaction you give off to people. Similar to your sun sign characteristics of this zodiac sign shine through in your social interactions.

Your Mid-Heaven Sign: shows your life, financial and career goals. What is the impact & purpose you have on this planet?

Here is a link to a FREE birth chart calculator:

I am no expert with astrology, however this site gives you loads of information about yourself that you can explore and learn more about as you feel called. You do not need to rush, you will receive the information you need at the right time for you.

Also read this article I used for reference if you are curious for more details on each of the signs:

Watch the video below for a full recap of this article. Sending you love and light!

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